Build New or Rennovate


Building with Orley Homes means your home has been built entirely around your dreams and visions. Your new home is a place for you and your family to enjoy for years to come without all the worry, unpredictability and unexpected costs of living in an older home.

A new home means the very latest in design features along with home technology and energy efficiency. An older home often means unforeseen costs associated with repairs and remodeling, unexpected maintenance such as roofing or a water heater. You may pay less initially for an older home but ultimately you will be getting less than you need or want. Compared with an older home your annual savings can be substantial in energy efficiency as well as repair and replacement costs.

Don’t settle for someone else’s selections and outdated technology. Orley Homes offers the very latest home technologies such as central vacuum systems, multi-room sound systems, energy efficient windows and doors, thick wall insulation, appliances, heating and cooling systems, state-of-the art electronic security systems. These can all be built into the cost of your home mortgage rather than additional expenses you have to pay out month after month with an older home.

Your new home is also safer with hard-wired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, doors and windows with safety glass, and GFCI electric shock protection. Not to mention the peace of mind that comes with the Orley Homes warranty along with the new appliance manufacturers’ warranties.

Every Orley Home comes with a full warranty giving you peace of mind from a builder with more than 30 years of building experience.

NEW USED difference

Repair or Replacement Costs
Estimated costs for major home components not covered by warranty

Exterior Painting (3-5 years) $3,000+
Interior Painting (5-7 years) $3,500+
Hot Water Heater (5-10 years)   $1,000+
Clean Ductwork (5 years) $300-500
Replace Furnace   (15-20 years) $3,000+
Roofing     (15-20 years) $6,000+
Carpeting (mid grade)   $6,000+
Estimated cost to bring an older home up to date               $20,000+
You Personalize You inherit someone’s choices
Full Warranty Limited or No Warranty
Latest Trends Out-of-date technology
Energy Savings Old Design – small rooms, low ceilings, little storage, old kitchens and baths
Environmentally Safe Products that are no longer acceptable by code
Low to no maintenance